Our Services

Regulatory Assessment
Our Regulatory Assessment Framework is designed to review the compliance program and functions across the organization in order to understand the GAPS and develop a strategic roadmap to increase the compliance maturity level for the compliance department and to promote the compliance culture across the organization.

RFI / RFP Preparation
We help organization to come up with the right proposal that is aligned with their overall strategic objectives taking into consideration the existing offerings and their maturity in term of technical and nontechnical capabilities to make sure the RFP is written in a way that would enrich their internal capabilities. 

Project Rescue
Looking at all the risks around IT projects. Our methodology ensures organizational cultural aspects are being adequately addressed, change management are following the formal and informal aspect to win over hearts and minds of organization, as well as identify the technical causes for project failures to come up with a rescue strategy.

Portfolio Management
Project Portfolio Management (PPM) deals with the coordination and control of multiple projects pursuing the same strategic goals and competing for the same resources.
The PPM is a continuous process of identifying, selecting and managing a portfolio of projects in alignment with strategic business objectives.